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Copper Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m friendy, adaptable, and have an electric personality.

Nickel Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m sensitive, dependable, and brilliant in what I do.

Silver Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m smooth, stylish, and passionate in my work.

Gold Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m classic, easygoing, and naturally exceptional.

Cesium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m sharp, loyal, and pride myself on being meticulous.

Lithium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m open, capable, and an honest communicator.

Zinc Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m authentic, warm, and compassionate to everyone around me.

Graphite Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m gentle, outspoken, and unshakable in the face of adversity.

Spodumene Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m sleek, brainy, and tend to stay quiet.

Uranium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m tireless, creative, and love to support others.

Silica Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m modest, sincere, and always true to myself.

Cobalt Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m practical, firm, and approachable to those around me.

Magnesium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m positive, reliable, and highly perceptive.

Vanadium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m strong, capable, and am great at dealing with people.

Tungsten Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m smart, tenacious, and cool under pressure.

Platinum Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m logical, levelheaded, and love an intellectual challenge.

Titanium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m lively, tough, and an efficient worker.

Helium Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m familiar, unassuming, and hide a multitude of talents.

Potash Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m kind, sincere, and incredibly resourceful.

Limestone Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m earnest, trustworthy, and love building and creating.

Tantalum Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m good-natured, resilient, and do whatever I put my mind to.

Chromite Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m gracious, determined, and shine bright in my element.

Granite Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m hardy, proud, and a devoted friend.

Diamond Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m genuine, stylish, and a talented strategic thinker.

Dolomite Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m helpful, giving, and thoroughly pragmatic.

Gypsum Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m earnest, able, and love a good chat.

Salt Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m responsible, confident, and admire the unique.

Lime Influencer

MB Mineral

I’m thoughtful, patient, and an enthusiastic cleaner.

Step into the global spotlight and uncover our prosperity.

Mining makes it happen.

Manitoba is home to world-class mineral and metal resources. This includes high-demand metals already in production, plus deposits of 29 of 31 critical minerals — ingredients for everything from smartphones and pacemakers to green hybrid and electric vehicles. Our mining industry is ready to fulfill global demand, grow the economy, and make Manitoba a leader in the global green movement. Together, we’ll uncover our prosperity.

How Does Mining Benefit You?

Benefits the Green Economy

Producing Our Green Economy

Manitoba’s mineral wealth includes key ingredients for green innovation and technologies, helping to fuel the global green movement and Canada’s goal of net-zero by 2050.

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Benefits Careers

Creating High-Quality Careers

Manitoba’s mining industry employs more than 3,000 people, many from Indigenous communities. Growth will mean thousands more of these high-paying careers with top-tier benefits.

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Benefits Vital Services

Funding Essential Services

With over $1B contributed annually to the Manitoba economy, tax revenues from a flourishing mineral sector help maintain and improve the services we all rely on.

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Mining Has Evolved

Consultation Myth

Myth: Indigenous communities aren’t consulted when a mining project begins.

Truth: Manitoba mining involves early and ongoing engagement with leaders, elders, and community members throughout the entire process, from planning to site reclamation.

Exploration Myth

Myth: Mineral exploration ruins large areas of Manitoba land.

Truth: Exploration activities are localized, low-impact, and approved through a comprehensive permitting process. Drill pad sites are a modest size and will naturally return to their original state.

Production Myth

Myth: Mining jobs are dead-end, menial, and high-risk.

Truth: Modern mining provides rewarding and challenging careers and a clean workplace and environment. Manitoba mines operate under a strong, team-oriented safe work culture, and under the protection of Canada’s foremost safety regulations.

Reclamation Myth

Myth: Mines that shut down are left to decay.

Truth: Manitoba’s modern mining operations begin with the end in mind: companies must show a detailed plan and financial means for site reclamation even before receiving approval for construction, and each mine’s closure plans must be updated every five years.

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