Who We Are

For more than 80 years, Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI) has advocated for the industry as the recognized voice of Manitoba mining. We’re committed to reshaping entrenched perspectives by sharing what a healthy critical minerals and metals industry can do for our economy, our social services, and everyone in our province.

Statement of Commitment

The Manitoba Association of Mining Inc. (MAMI) is committed to providing an accessible web experience to all, doing everything in our power to make Uncover Prosperity MB a place where people across Manitoba can learn about mining without barriers.

MAMI is working on a full website accessibility plan coming soon.

Accessibility Feedback

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Mining Association of Manitoba Inc.

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If you can’t access information on our website, you can request we provide that information accessible to you free of charge.

If you request a response from us, we’ll contact you in the same way you contacted us.

Where Your Feedback Goes

Your feedback helps us remove barriers on our website. We review feedback regularly and do our utmost to take all issues into consideration when making accessibility improvements.