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What’s the purpose of this initiative?

Uncover Prosperity MB is sharing what a strong and sustainable mining industry can do for our economy, our social services, and everyone in Manitoba — including you!

Why should I care about Manitoba mining?

Pots, pans, phones, cars, sunscreen, glasses, soap, even medical equipment: life as we know it is impossible without mining. Minerals are everywhere in daily life around the world, and as Manitoba rises to meet global demand, we can grow the economy, contribute to green innovation, and support essential Manitoba programs and services — a positive domino effect that touches people, families, neighbours, and businesses across the province.

What does mineral exploration look like in Manitoba?

Mineral exploration is one of the earliest stages of the mining process and occurs well before any mine or development project would begin planning and construction. Exploration is low-impact, usually remote, and completed in deep consultation and collaboration with nearby communities. The average drill pad site of 30 x 30 metres is smaller than the infield area on a baseball diamond, typically naturally revegetating after crews move on.

Exploration is also tightly controlled: permit applications to the Government of Manitoba are circulated to wildlife, environmental, and heritage experts for feedback and approval, ensuring the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility are met. Exploration takes years of work, with much regulatory oversight before any construction or production approval is even considered.

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